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Resources I Use in My Real Estate Investing Business To Get Deals – Part One

I began investing in real estate at the end of 2018. I started with wholesaling, then bought my first rental in 2019, and finally flipped my first house in 2021. Over that time I have tried numerous softwares and services aimed at helping real estate investors get more deals. I’ve compiled a list here of pretty much everything I’m currently using in my business to get deals. Even though I’ve included affiliate links, I am not recommending anything solely for that reason. These are all services I’m currently using and have been using for at least a year.


ReiSift is one of the most valuable resources I’ve found for my business. It’s more than just a lead stacking system. It helps you track your marketing and actually know who you’re reaching and who you’re not. And how many times have you paid to skip trace the same record over and over? I know I’ve wasted a small fortune doing that uninententionally.

It can also be used as a CRM. There are honestly too many features to describe here and they keep coming out with more. I highly suggest you click my affiliate link here and get a 7 day free trial to find out for yourself much you need ReiSift in your business. It will save you so much time and money with your marketing by not continuing to call wrong/bad numbers and direct mail vacant mailing addresses. Yep, that’s right. ReiSift automatically tells you which of the properties in your database are vacant AND whether the mailing address is also vacant. Cool stuff.

Additionally, ReiSift’s founder and CEO, Tyler Austin, gives away tons of tips and training for free in the facebook group. There’s also very affordable paid training that can take your business to the next level, or get you set up for success if you’re just getting started. I’m about to start their Data to Dollars challenge next week, September 6, 2022. Click here and enter my code OLIVIA at checkout to join the challenge anytime.

As a final note, their support is FANTASTIC. In my opinion, this is very important when you’re paying a nice little monthly fee for something. Everyone at ReiSift is awesome. It’s an awesome product. So please, if I haven’t convinced you already, do yourself a favor and go try it out.


Propstream is a great tool for pulling niche lists such as Liens, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Preforeclosure, etc. You can also run pretty accurate comps, although I’ve heard it’s not as good in some markets. It works great for the Memphis/Shelby County market but I’m not a fan of it for DeSoto County, MS properties because Mississippi is a non-disclosure state. It doesn’t even tell you have many bedrooms the property has, let a lone the actual sales price.

Now that I’m a licensed REALTOR, I use my MLS access to pull comps and lists of recently sold properties (so I can exclude them from my marketing). But I still use Propstream for pulling my niche lists and for comps on the go because they’ve got a nice mobile app.

They’ve also got a nifty tool (for an additional monthly fee) called List Automator that allows you to do a couple useful things:

1) You can upload a list of addresses and it will complete the record with the owner’s name and mailing address. This is often useful when you build a Driving for Dollars list or pull a list from county records and all you have is the property address. You typically need the owner name and mailing address in order to skip trace the record so List Automator gets that info for you in a pretty quick and easy way.

2) You can set automate your lists, hence the name List Automator. So if you pull a niche list, such as a Liens list, monthly with a certain set of filters applied to that search, you can set the list to automatically update to add new properties that meet your criteria to that list. You can also set it to remove properties from the list if they cease to meet the search criteria.

All in all, Propstream is a pretty integral part of my business. But it needs to be said that their support isn’t the greatest. The records aren’t always updated very quickly either. Fingers crossed they will improve over time.

County Records

County records are by far the best source for up-to-date and accurate data (duh, it’s going straight to the source). Like I said previously, Propstream isn’t always up-to-date. They’re getting their information from the county records and there’s a lag time. They aren’t updating in real time, that’s for sure. So if your county provides access to property records online, you’re in luck! Make use of it as much as you can.

Each county is different as far as what you can access online. I suggest you take the time to find out what you can get. It may also be worth calling the actual offices to see what other ways you can request information, such as a tax delinquent list or something similar, if the info isn’t available online. I’m a little lazy though, so I can’t say I actually do that 😉 Luckily there’s a ton of information available online in my county, and the rest I get from Propstream.

Check back next week to find out what else I use. I haven’t even covered half of it yet!

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